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Questions and answers providing an overview of the PRE-LEAP-RE project activities and objectives. We will add to this list when we get more FAQs. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

What are the objectives of the PRE-LEAP-RE project?

To enlarge and strengthen the interactions of relevant stakeholders to build a joint strategic R&D&I programme and collaboration framework recognised and supported by the European Commission and national actors with funding potential while addressing the needs of the public and respective end-users (in particular RTOs and SMEs in the partner countries of the programme).

Who are the PRE-LEAP-RE project participating partners?

PRE-LEAP-RE gathers 17 partner organisations forming a team of European and African experts in this collaborative project, they focus on the energy sector and beyond.

What is the European Joint Programme (EJP)?

EJP is an H2020 instrument designed to support coordinated national research and innovation programmes. It is designed to pool rather large national programmes, resources and capacities. The aims are not only to bring together resources in terms of funding, but also in terms of capacity building, networking, demonstration and dissemination activities. The EJP under preparation by the PRE-LEAP-RE project shall be launched under the Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

What makes PRE-LEAP-RE different from other similar collaborative initiatives?

PRE-LEAP-RE is different from other collaborative projects due to its strong and direct involvement with African partners. The expected outcomes are also more ambitious than similar AU-EU initiatives (i.e. Joint Programme Initiatives, ERA-Nets) because the launching of an EJP represents a strong and formal engagement by the involved parties.

What kind of support does PRE-LEAP-RE initiative have so far?

The project is internally supported by diverse project partners representing funding agencies or acting on behalf of their ministerial authorities; R&D&I organisations with strong engagement with their national authorities; associations, networks and SMEs. Externally, the support is recognised by stakeholders’ expressions of interest. It is expected that certain identified stakeholders will engage formally in financial terms to support the programme.

How can my organisation (actor of civil society/academia/public policymaker/private sector) participate in the activities of PRE-LEAP-RE?

We have launched the expression of interest for stakeholders. More information can be found on this website and document.

How do we get informed on the progress of the project?

Regularly check our project website, follow us on Twitter @leapRE_EU and sign up to our mailing list to be updated on our progress and highlights!

Whom do we contact for more information?

You can contact the project coordinator, Candice Boudet for any complementary information.

Send your additional questions to so we can keep building our FAQs section.