Our Project

Within fourteen months, PRE-LEAP-RE will prepare a European Joint Programme (EJP). It will set the foundation for future collaborative African Union-European Union activities in the field of renewable energy (RE). This project forms the basis for long-term African-European collaboration in RE and will contribute to a better understanding of the AU-EU ecosystem.

Core Objectives

PRE-LEAP-RE will promote a pathway for empowering local research through Europe-Africa cooperation while fostering the conditions for transforming research into effective innovation, tailored to specific societal needs while acknowledging regional discrepancies.

Identify and formulate a strategic jointly designed Research and Innovation Agenda for RE collaboration between Europe and Africa
  • Establish the organizational principles for its implementation in a forthcoming Joint Programme
  • Bring together national funding agencies from EU and African States
  • Involve key European and African actors of energy research
Elaborate a review and subsequent analysis of past and current initiatives
  • Open synergies with on-going activities in order to identify research and capacity needs
Formulate a technological and social innovation pathway
  • Be comprehensive of education, research and organisational and funding principles for promoting the long-term and context-driven energy transformation needed for Africa
Boost an initiative towards an African Union-European Union (AU-EU) Platform on renewable energy
  • Create a stakeholder community for long-term collaboration and effective innovation in the field
  • Secure the engagement of key national stakeholders